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Properly working commercial refrigeration is essential for the functioning of a restaurant, supermarket, or other public (not just commercial) facility, such as a school.

Keeping it in a good working condition should be constant and maintained by a certified HVAC professional.

Common Issues With Commercial Refrigeration

However, issues may appear as with any appliance or system, and in these cases, call a professional service with adequate experience to deal with it properly.

  • Frost build-up in the freezer – This usually indicates problems with the defrost system or the evaporator fan motor.
  • Refrigeration isn’t cooling accordingly – There could be several reasons why your refrigerator has trouble maintaining the desired temperature: a clogged drain, a dysfunctional thermostat, or a weak door gasket.
  • Water leakage from the refrigerator – If you notice the refrigerator is leaking water, the problem could be a plugged drain hose or defrost drain opening.
  • Fluids accumulation in the fresh food department This is usually due to bad or weakened door seals.
  • Loud or unusual noises – If the refrigerator generates some strange noise or is getting louder, then there is likely a problem with the fan or the compressor motor is failing.
  • Refrigerator stops running – There can be many reasons for this; however, it is often that the thermostat needs to be replaced.

Conditioned Air Maintenance

Consider this tip for conserving some energy and better performance of the refrigerator: If possible, keep it in a cooler place, out of direct sunlight, and also away from other appliances that generate heat.

Part of the regular maintenance is an annual check-up of the gaskets and seals on the refrigerators.

Commercial Refrigeration

Do Not Assume or Wait – Call for Assistance

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