The air conditioning installation simply arrived to make our lives easier and more comfortable. air conditioning installation has become a strong and reliable ally for the industrial and commercial sectors. It is also a trustworthy element of coziness in your home and at the office.     

Since 1984, Conditioned Air has been providing air conditioning installation service and construction to the Arvada area. Therefore, we understand the importance of focusing on each of our customers in order to deliver the right air conditioning installation solution. Our professional team will build that comfortable and healthy environment your industry, business or family deserves.

Where to place an air conditioning installation system

It is time to get rid of that annoying indoor office or home temperature. You have made up your mind and you are ready to get a brand new air conditioning installation system and turn it into a healthy and cozy environment. The best way to get started is having the opinion of a professional. An expert will come up with the most accurate solution. However, you can save some time by pre-selecting where it should be placed. Not selecting the best place to install your air conditioning installation could reduce its efficiency, especially in areas such as Arvada, where the weather usually changes in unpredictable ways.

Choosing your air conditioning installation spot

Avoid placing your air conditioning installation unit in areas or rooms with too much natural light. Sunlight emanates extreme heat, and your air conditioning installation will have to work harder to cool down the room or space. This is a very common mistake, but if it is impossible to place it in a different area, consider keeping the curtains and shades drawn all day, especially during the summer.

Even if it sounds crazy, another common mistake is placing the air conditioning installation near electrical appliances. Avoid placing it near a TV or a lamp. The thermostat will react just as they will to a sunny window. Heat sensors might register the wrong temperature and will run longer cycles.

Try to keep the air conditioning installation outside unit at least two to three feet away from any structure or plants. Also, try to keep at least five feet of clearance between the top of the system and any trees above. The outdoor compressor for central air needs adequate airflow to work correctly.

Don’t sweat your problems anymore. With a air conditioning installation, you can easily restore your peace of mind in a comfortable and cozy environment. Experience true professional commitment as our knowledgeable, highly trained team leads you through the budgetary design, cost analysis, and commissioning of each air conditioning installation system.

Get rid of your sticky air conditioning installation problems. Contact us at any time. We will get your air conditioning installation repaired to create that perfect environment to keep your staff productive, your partners and customers comfortable, and your family fresh and happy.