The air conditioning installation simply arrived to make our lives easier and more comfortable. air conditioning installation has become a strong and reliable ally for the industrial and commercial sectors. It is also a trustworthy element of coziness in your home and at the office.     

Since 1984, Conditioned Air has been providing air conditioning installation service and construction to the Colorado area. Therefore, we understand the importance of focusing on each of our customers in order to deliver the right air conditioning installation solution. Our professional team will build that comfortable and healthy environment your industry, business or family deserves.

Avoid air conditioning installation breakdowns

When investing on a air conditioning installation system, we all expected that perfect cozy environment we always dreamed having at the office or at home. However, as soon as your air conditioning installation starts failing, the dream can easily become a frustrating nightmare. Breakdowns such as low airflow, leaky ducts, and thermostat failures are more common than you could imagine. Nonetheless, they all can be easily prevented with the proper maintenance.  

According to experts, business owners and homeowners in Colorado are constantly dealing with annoying but easy to fix air conditioning installation failures because they miss their scheduled maintenance. air conditioning installation systems work hard all day long and just like any other equipment the harder it works the faster it wears out. Therefore, it is vital to check your air conditioning installation at least once per month by yourself and having a professional performing maintenance visit regularly through the year.

Keeping your air conditioning installation in shape

In order to keep your air conditioning installation system running properly, keep an eye on the refrigerant levels. If it constantly needs to be recharged, you might be dealing with a leak.

Check your outside unit. External humidity can affect the condensate drain. Also, make sure that no plants are blocking the compressor and that the outside fan works properly.

Check the filters. These can easily get dirty and once clogged, the unit won’t be able to cool down the air efficiently.

If your air conditioning installation is not cooling down properly, the thermostat might have been wrongly set or there might be hot air leaking in from the outside. If this is the case, it is recommended having professionals looking at your air conditioning installation system. In no time, they will find your problem and fix it correctly.

Don’t sweat your problems anymore. With a air conditioning installation, you can easily restore your peace of mind in a comfortable and cozy environment. Experience true professional commitment as our knowledgeable, highly trained team leads you through the budgetary design, cost analysis, and commissioning of each air conditioning installation system.

Get rid of your sticky air conditioning installation problems. Contact us at any time. We will get your air conditioning installation repaired to create that perfect environment to keep your staff productive, your partners and customers comfortable, and your family fresh and happy.