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During the summer season, the cold air blowing through the AC system may not be enough for a pleasant environment. The humidity of the air in these hot days makes it harder for anyone to enjoy their stay outdoors or indoors. Although the primary function of an air conditioner is to cool the hot air (in the summer), there’s also a secondary optional function that controls or slightly minimizes humidity and makes the air more refreshing.

This is why all current air conditioners come with the option to minimize humidity of the hot air. What happens when it doesn’t do its job well, or more precisely, when the dehumidification operation is not working properly?

Common Reasons For Poor Dehumidification

Air conditioner wall unit

There isn’t a single isolated reason on why your AC is failing with dehumidification, but here are several frequent reasons for that:

  • Your AC is pretty old and may not run efficiently as it used to since its parts wear over time. This also happens if the unit has not been regularly maintained.
  • Your AC model operates only at one speed. If the unit can only work at one speed, then its work is pretty ”straightforward” – it fully blasts colder air until it reaches the temperature at which is set to, and then stops. In this case, it lacks a consistent work that will regularly draw the humidity out. You could consider investing in a newer AC system with more options for speed and air humidity control.
  • Your AC is oversized for your space. This may sound controversial at first: Can an air conditioner be too big or powerful for a given space? The surprising answer is: yes. Powerful air conditioners have powerful compressors that turn on and off frequently because they reach the set temperature in a small room very quickly, so the system never runs long enough to remove humidity from the air. You need an AC with a proper size that is calculated and installed by a professional service.

Call Conditioned Air To Check Your AC responsive logo Conditioned Air

Whether you are in doubt of the proper working of your AC or are considering replacing it, be sure to call a qualified HVAC service company. Our professional team at Conditioned Air will make sure you have the right unit installed, checked, and maintained to get you through the long, warm (but enjoyable) summer days.

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