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If it seems that there is not enough airflow or if it’s less than it used to be, then there is a reason your AC is not working at its best. Check the following symptoms and problems to see if you need professional HVAC service instantly.

Airflow Problems Symptomscheck the symptoms for poor airflow

  • Pressure imbalance – You will notice ”whistling” noises or door slammings for ”no reason,” and that leads to the possibility of inadequate pressure balance.
  • Less or no air coming from the unit registers – This is definitely a red flag.
  • Warm and Cold spots –  If you notice warm and cold spots throughout the room (i.e., the air is not even), then this is most definitely due to a weak airflow.
  • Warm Air Blowing from the AC (although it should not) – Definitely consult a professional.

The good news is that many of the causes for air flow problems are easily repairable and do not cost too much to fix them.

However, don’t neglect the above-mentioned symptoms, as these in time can lead to failure of the compressor. Once the AC compressor is gone for good, you will need to replace the whole unit. Regular maintenance is the key.

Causes of Poor Air Flow

Clogged Filters

This is one of the most common causes for poor air flow. Air filters are crucial for the quality of the air also, as they prevent dust and debris from flowing into the room and also keep them away from the ducts. A clogged filter obstructs the required air flow leading to air temperature fluctuations in the room (those warm and cold spots).

Make sure your filter is clean and/or changed according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. When was the last time you changed it?

Air conditioner wall unit

Blocked Ducts

Blocked or leaky ducts and ductway occur mostly from the dust that gets past the clogged filters. This accumulated dust can clog narrow ducts and reduce the air flow capacity of the unit. The walls of the ductwork can get small cracks or holes, causing some air to leak out. This, of course, leads to a weak air flow and capacity for air conditioning.

A Broken Thermostat

Though not too often, a defective thermostat (and even a low battery) can be the cause that interferes with the air flow.

These are some of the reasons for a weak airflow. Next time, we will explain the rest of the causes along with our expert tips!

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