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Determine if Your HVAC Equipment Needs to Be Service

If your commercial HVAC system stops working entirely, you will surely notice it. Complaints from clients, customers, collaborators, and tenants are almost guaranteed. But most likely, you would want to avoid this situation from happening and catch repair needs before a cooling or heating breakdown puts your business out of operation.

But how can you tell when it is time to get help from an HVAC repair company? Here are a few things you should check on to determine whether you need to schedule repairs.

Noises from the Ducts or the Unit

If you do happen to hear a strange noise from up above, from the boiler unit, or from inside of the ductwork, it could mean trouble with a fan, circulator pump, compressor, or any other vital heating and air conditioning component. This could lead to further problems later, which why it is highly recommended to call for help right away.

heating system repair

Damaged Heating Duct

High Energy Bills

This may be a result of parts that are working overtime to cool or heat the building, which means something within the system is not performing as it should.

Reduced Cooling or Heating

Whenever you notice a significant reduction in cooling or heating, don’t wait for the trouble to improve on its own. The issue can worsen as the parts become overworked attempting to get your establishment to the proper temperature. Contact a reliable HVAC maintenance company for repairs.

A certain way to determine that your HVAC equipment needs to be serviced is if your technician tells you so during a system inspection. At Conditioned Air, we recommend you schedule maintenance twice a year with a commercial specialist to avoid unexpected breakdowns. For maintenance or commercial HVAC repair in Colorado, call at 720.440.3622.

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