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Nothing lasts forever, as we all know, and so it is with HVAC systems.

One of the customers’ frequent questions when it comes to HVAC maintenance is when is the right time to replace a HVAC? Unless it’s for the obvious reason when it is broken and out of work, there are several factors to consider about this issue.

When to replace the HVAC System

Before you call your professional HVAC service, you can go through these general questions so you can get a better view first.

  • How old is the system? 

Though obvious, this is the starting point. If your air conditioner is older than 10 years, chances are they are not energy-efficient (do not have the proper Energy Star label) and consume more power.

HVAC replacement


  • Frequent Repairs

Do you call the service often for repairs? Are your monthly costs for cooling or heating increasing? If so, that is a sign that you should seriously consider replacing the HVAC unit, not only because it will save you money in the long run, but also because it will work much more efficiently.

  • Constant Humidity Issues in Your Home

This is usually due to poor unit operation, leaky ductwork, or a combination of both. Maintaining optimal humidity in your home is one of the key functions of a proper air conditioner.

  • The Unit is Too Noisy

Modern air conditioners are operating quieter than ever (and that technology is continually advancing), but if your older air conditioner is getting really noisy compared to before, it is definitely time to call a professional service.

  • Heating / Cooling Distribution is Uneven

If some rooms are too cold or too hot even when the unit is turned on and with adequate insulation, it usually signals improper operation function or duct problems.

Conditioned Air HVAC Maintenance

When In Doubt, Call the Experts

There are number of reasons why a unit stops working or misbehaves. Some of them are repairable, and some parts can cost you more than others. Ultimately, the best answer can be given by a certified professional who can do a detailed checkup and present you the options.

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