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Why Should You Care About Humidity Levels?

Humidity affects the guest experience in hotels and resorts not only making breathing harder but it generates a musty odor inside the room. Inappropriate humidity rates also discolor walls, dulls furniture, breaks down appliances and electronics adding to maintenance expenses.

Effects of Improper Humidity Levels

When humidity levels go above the comfortable 30%-50% range and over 60%, you will notice it. Things indoors will feel moist and sticky, caused by an excess of moisture. Here are the noticeable effects of humidity excess:

  • Condensation around bathroom plumbing and on windows and walls.
  • Mildew and mold may form.
  • The air may be frizzy.
  • Uncomfortable conditions may lead to sleep problems.


Ruin Décor

Water droplets, a product of condensation, hamper the décor of the rooms with spotting issues. Plus, they spoil the whole look and feel of newly done up rooms, its ambiance, appliance, etc., leading to discoloration due to condensation.

Musty Odor

Swell in the wooden furniture shortens their lifespan and excess humidity leaves it with a musty odor.

Bad Looking Walls

Need dehumidifiers for your Hotel in Colorado

Hotel room wall ruined by humidity.

The outer atmosphere and internal air-conditioned set-ups lead to temperature differences causing sweating walls.

Fungal and Microbial Growth

The growth of harmful organisms on the hotel curtains, linen, walls among others, leave a stench which makes the guest’s stay experience unpleasant and renders the hotel housekeeping unhygienic.

Faulty Appliances

The hotel equipment and tools like hotel Smart TV’s, kettle services, cutlery, coffee maker, lamps, microwave, housekeeping tools, etc., are usually affected by humidity setting on them rendering it faulty for use.

Dehumidifiers Installation

By installing dehumidifiers in every room, you can improve the customer experience while protecting inside items from premature deterioration.

Dehumidifiers help in controlling condensation and moisture, preventing such unpleasant experiences by keeping the RH (Relative Humidity) level under control thus ensuring the customers have a pleasant stay at your hotel or resort.

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