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Prepare for a Roof-Mounted Commercial HVAC System

Many commercial buildings in Colorado have their HVAC units mounted on the roof. This is an attractive option in many aspects. It saves you space in the basement or the ground level. Plus, the equipment is out of reach of vandals and tampering. It is also an ideal way to get equipment noise away from areas of business activity where it might be unappropriate.

But before you decide to install your new HVAC system at the rooftop, consider the following factors:

Access to the System

Professional HVAC installers should be able to bring the unit up to the roof via stairs or an elevator.

You don’t want maintenance personnel carrying tools up and down ladders, so getting to the roof must also be accessible for regular servicing. If you need to add stairs, you will have to make modifications to the roof. Consult with experts before you sign a contract.

Weight and Size

HVAC systems are heavy. Have experts confirm that your roof structure can support it, and ask them for an alternative to increasing the strength of the structure if necessary.

Commercial HVAC units are usually big and have many components. Before installation, make sure you have worked with the technicians to determine the correct size to provide ideal comfort without energy drain.Roof-Mounted Commercial HVAC System

The Roof Material and Safety

Always ask the experts if the equipment can be placed on the roof without damaging the material.

Balance is the key for successful HVAC installations. All units vibrate to some extent. This means that they must be firmly affixed to the roof. The bottom line is that installers must understand the nature of the roof structure to set up anchors in the right locations. Otherwise, vibration can cause fasteners to loosen and pull out from their positions, causing damage to the roofing material and structure, and allowing rain to penetrate.

If you are considering installing a commercial roof-mounted HVAC in the Colorado area, call Conditioned Air team of experts at 303-688-2460. We will evaluate your roof for suitability, and make sure your HVAC system will deliver the indoor air quality demanded by your building.

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