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Commercial HVAC systems might be complex but are also logical. So, what if you notice water coming from the HVAC unit? Doesn’t seem very logical, does it? In this post, read about the possible troubleshooting situations that include water dripping from the HVAC system.

Why is water dripping from the HVAC Unit? check your commercial HVAC for water dripping


One of the most common reasons for water dripping is an overrun condensation, and this is not something that you should be worried about too much, especially during the hot summer months. If the conditioner is working well, a little water drip around the evaporator coil is usually harmless. However, if you notice an excessive condensation (more than usual), water accumulation around the unit or suspect drainage issues, then call certified technicians to prevent further damage or complications to the system.

Also, a clogged condensation might be a similar issue. The regular condensation must have a drainage path and if it has nowhere to drain properly, it may accumulate elsewhere. Therefore, besides regular dirt and debris cleaning, HVAC technicians must check if the system needs unclogging to allow for a regular condensation drainage, especially during summer months, when the unit works harder to keep the indoor temperature cooler.

Frozen-Unfrozen Coils

If the HVAC unit has not been properly installed, one of the consequences might be freezing of the coils during low temperature. When they melt, an influx of water may occur and it might seem like a bigger problem. Draining the system is the first thing that is done, and calling certified professional technicians to check the system installation is the next thing to do.

Commercial HVAC Preventive Maintenance

Be aware that accumulating water and humidity may lead to growth of mold and mildew, further leading to bacterial growth. As in most cases, we strongly advice preventative maintenance of your commercial HVAC system.

Conditioned Air – Quality and Efficiency for Optimum Indoor Air

Get in touch with our experts for a top professional HVAC Service for a thorough checkup and optimization of your system in order to ensure a proper functioning and optimum indoor air for your facilities. We are restoration experts!

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