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You have invested in a sound commercial HVAC for your business, but the story does not end here. As with a car, commercial HVAC needs to be checked, maintained and serviced on regular intervals.

Most commercial HVAC systems are designed to work for 10-20 years, depending on the type of the system and the manufacturer. As the HVAC system is getting older, and perhaps less efficient, in time, it poses a question what to do with it next: repair it, or replace it?

Get to Know Your HVAC System

First, collect all the available information for your HVAC if possible, such as its model and serial number, its history of repairs and services, date of installation, etc. Don’t worry, however, if this data is not available to you. You can always contact a professional commercial mechanical HVAC service to do the inspection and evaluate the equipment.

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Inspection of HVAC’s Condition

A detailed and complete inspection of the equipment is needed before a certified contractor can propose for either repairment or replacement. Usually, a contractor would come to check the system while it is operating to inspect any abnormalities during operation. The checkup should include all parts and processes, from coils, evidence of debris and dirt, proper sealing and insulation, to the assessment of airflow, and many other factors.

Based on the inspection, the contractor or technicians will give a recommendation whether it is best the system to be fully replaced, or that some parts be repaired.

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Sometimes though, both cases can be an option for you to choose from. There are several factors that you as a business owner can consider in weighing the options.

  • Repair Costs vs Replacement Costs – whichever suits your budget more. Usually, if the repair costs account for more than 50 percent of a newly replaced HVAC, clients go for the replacement option
  • Energy Efficiency (Cost-effectiveness in the long run). Is the current system energy-efficient enough to prevent higher energy costs in the following years?
  • Age of The System – if the system is older than ten years, many clients are aware that further reparations might cost them in future, so they go for the replacement option

There are, of course, a number of other factors that are individual for each system and the contractor will advise you which would be the best decision for each HVAC.

Leaders in the Commercial HVAC/R Service Industry

At Conditioned Air we are also restoration experts. Systems are designed to operate under certain parameters. Over the years these parameters are changed by technicians that do not know what they are doing or can not identify the issue. We troubleshoot and restore systems to their designed operating parameters, so feel free to contact us to get the best service for your HVAC.

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