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Indoor air quality is one of the most important aspects of the wellbeing of your employees and your customers. There are a lot of studies that prove that a pleasant, clean, healthy working environment contributes to a higher productivity and higher worker morale, while reducing stress and allergies. Also,  it is logical since employees who feel comfortable in their environment are more content and prolific.

How can commercial HVAC Systems improve Air Quality?

Indoor Quality Opening Filter holder -HVAC MaintenanceRegardless of the type of commercial HVAC you are using, it should be first optimized for an ideal performance. Our team of experts knows that each system is designed to operate under certain parameters that we understand and can very-well identify the issue. However, to maximize the efficiency of the HVAC units in maintaining clean air inside, there are several factors that you can check yourself that contribute to this matter.

Dirt and Dust Buildup

This is not uncommon for a commercial building, especially if the frequency of people entering and leaving the building is high. These common buildups in combination with other types of buildups such as pollen, tiny particles from walls and ceilings and fragranced air fresheners, can worsen air quality a lot. This, in turn, can be the major cause of allergies or even cause other respiratory problems in people that didn’t have any  symptoms before.

Volatile Organic Compounds

indoor air quality with HVAC VOC are less “detectable“ than dust, dirt and smoke residue because they are “hidden” almost everywhere today. In fact, they are part of many elements inside the building. The reason they are called “hidden“ is that they have very subtle but steady toxic emissions in the environment. Laminated plastic, certain glues and adhesions, certain types of wood floors, and other similar materials in carpeting and insulation, all contain these volatile organic compounds.
Wherever possible, avoid such materials (check if possible with a licensed architect or constructor for flooring or insulation) or reduce and replace them with something less toxic in the long term.

Maintain Your HVAC System

Sometimes it is not possible to minimize all of the above-mentioned materials, however, keep in mind that having a well-maintained HVAC system does contribute greatly to the indoor air quality. Regular maintenance also reduces the risk of mold growth on the unit and further contaminating the indoor air.


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