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Did you know that (according to the U.S Department of Energy) about 30 percent of the energy that goes for heating and cooling a commercial building is actually a lost waste?

Commercial HVAC systems are among the most energy-demanding mechanisms for many businesses. Every business owner wants to have the costs for energy operation reduced, and most are willing to improve the environmental sustainability. Here are several tips that are worth considering for a higher efficiency and cost-effectiveness of commercial HVAC systems.

Sustainability Tips that Save Money

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats offer a 7-day scheduling model, which can be great for most companies since the regulation of each part of the day or whole day can be set on an individual level. Whether your business runs five days a week, or every day at certain hours, these thermostats can be configured to certain temperature levels for each day of the week, so there will be no unnecessary heating or cooling when there are no people inside.

Investing in such thermostat can save even hundreds of dollars per year used for air conditioning.

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Change The Air Filters

It might seem too obvious at first, but clean air filters are essential and account for several factors regarding HVAC efficiency. Dirty or clogged filters are restricting the air flow, reduce the indoor air quality, and make the air conditioner work more to sustain the desired air temperature.

New and clean air filters can save up to 5-10 percent of energy costs. Have a professional check and change the air filters at least few times a year.

Maintain the Ducts

Ducts also play a significant role in a commercial HVAC efficiency. Healing and cooling ducts have to be adequately sealed. To further improve the efficacy, ducts can be additionally wrapped for insulation. It is estimated that properly sealed ducts can increase the system efficacy for up to 20 percent.

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Regular Maintenance and Upgrade

Routine professional maintenance can reduce commercial HVAC maintenance expenses by up to 40%. Getting a maintenance contract that will take care of the HVAC system on a regular basis is highly recommended.

Another aspect to consider is how old the system is. HVAC systems that are over ten years old are probably not Energy Star certified, so a proper upgrade or replacement might very well save you money in the coming years.

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